The EzyLay Free Standing Wall Installation System

Glass Block Constructions are able to build free standing glass block panels (without the aluminium frame).  GBC can expertly & safely  install glass blocks in Bars, Bathroom Shower Screens and partition walls, in external and internal applications. There are a range of edging finishes to designed to keep the Glass Block Panel aesthetically pleasing.

Free Standing Panels must be installed using the Ezylay Mortar System. As mortar is stronger this keeps the Glass Block Panel structural. Depending on panel size, we use galvanised rods to give the panel extra strength.


Style caps (glass tiles) are designed to create a neat finish on a free-standing panel. Style caps are joined to the visible painted edges of the glass block using our Ezylay Silicone Sealant. They come in a large variety of colours to suit.

Linear End Glass Blocks are designed to create a complete glass finish to the panel giving it a rounded edge look. They come in the Design Range.