EzyLay Fire Rated System

Fire rated glass blocks are an effective solution to allowing light into multi-unit projects and in building on small plot sizes. However, glass blocks are only fire rated compliant if they are installed correctly in accordance to the tests that were performed in Europe and to CSIRO opinions.  It is therefore imperative that the installers have been trained specifically for fire rated glass block applications as the glass blocks, reinforcing, joint sizing and fixing details differ to normal installations, in order to be issued with the conformity certificate.

Glass Blocks can conform to the following FRL’s

  • 60/60/-  (same as -/60/-) uses VITRABLOK glass blocks 190x190x80mm
  • 90/90/- (same as -/90/-) uses VITRABLOK BSH20 Wave glass blocks 190x190x80mm
  • 120/120/60 (double leaf wall) – uses VITRABLOK BSH20 Wave glass blocks 190x190x80mm in double skin
  • 60/60/30 – uses Vitrablok 1930F Clearview 190x190x80mm glass block
  • 90/90/60  (conforms to 60/60/60) – uses Vitrablok 1960F Clearview 190x190x160mm glass block
  • 90/90/90 – uses Vitrablok 1990F Clearview 190x190x160mm glass block

Fire Rating