EzyLay Paving System

How do you uniquely let natural light in?  By installing a glass block floor or ceiling!

The patented Ezylay Glass Block Paving System lets you create a spectacular design allowing natural light into unavoidable dark areas.  With the Ezylay Glass Block Paving System you can install glass blocks in floors and ceilings that not only have an unrivalled visual impact but is also uniquely trafficable and fire rated if required.

  • Glass Block Pavers installed with the Ezylay Glass Block Paving System –
    Produce a trafficable area that is not only structural, but lets natural light filter through to the floor below whilst providing sound and thermal insulation, there is no alternative.
  • Conform to Australian Standard Fire Rating Levels (FRL) for Structural Adequacy/Integrity/Insulation, without compromising light and style, you can achieve FRL 60/60/30, FRL 60/60/60 and FRL 120/120/90 with the appropriate glass block pavers and the Ezylay Insulating Paving concrete.
  • All GBTI distributors are able to confidently issue conformity Certificates.
    have adequate strength and a smooth finish to the underside of the panels with no unsightly water, air or worm holes, then you can achieve this with the specifically developed premixed Ezylay Paving Concrete and Ezylay Insulating Paving Concrete.
  • Have the top of the panels to have non-slip joints and a beautiful finish, the unique Ezylay Topping Mix can provide this.
  • Can be large panels that have uniformity and accessibility, constructed in one piece on site.
  • Can be small panels constructed in our warehouse – prefabricated – and delivered to site.   Smaller panels can be joined together to make a larger panel.
  • Are affordable that do not sacrifice style or quality. Costs are reduced significantly as materials have been developed specifically for installing glass block paving.

Glass Block Paving Table

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