Design Services

Glass Block Constructions offer professional advice on how to achieve the ideal glass block feature for any commercial or residential development.

Residential Design Codes

Western Australia has seen significant changes to the way homes are built with the trend for larger homes, especially two storey homes, on smaller blocks of land.

The issue of privacy, both visual and acoustic has become paramount, and the R-codes have been supplemented to cater for the new building trends.

Glass blocks enables your house design to conform with the Element 8 – Privacy of the R-codes, without sacrificing light and insulation.

Glass Block Construction supply quality Seves glass blocks manufactured in accordance to or better than DIN standard 18175.

Physical Properties

Resistance to pressure across entire cross section of square blocks to Average = 7.5 MN/m2 Smallest individual value = 6.0 MN/m2.

Although Glass Blocks are not Load Bearing when installed in vertical panels, they are trafficable when paving blocks are installed in horizontal panels.

Click Here for a table of properties. GBC to include a link or pdf of tables of properties

Windows Energy Rating

Glass Blocks installed using the Ezylay System have been independently rated and have achieved a 4 star heating and 3 star cooling assessment.


WERS NFRC Mortar Vitrablok 

WERS_NFRC_Silicone Vitrablok

Glass Blockb NFRC Energy Rating