EzyLay Mortar System

Glass Block panels installed with the Ezylay Glass Block Installation Mortar System:

  • Allows expansion and contraction of the glass blocks within the framework, whilst maintaining rigidity in the panel
  • Ensures that the mortar joints are uniform resulting in an aesthetically pleasant finish
  • Have been tested for wind-loading and water penetration
  • Are very secure with mortar, reinforcing rods and connectors
  • Can have nominal joint sizes
  • Have a grid like appearance
  • Are easy to install and therefore reduce labour time
  • Can be free standing glass block walls
  • Have no limit on width providing there is a silicone control joint
  • Have a very strong impact resistance e.g. ram raids etc
  • Can have the Mortar colour changed or painted

Components of the Ezylay Mortar System:

  • Ezylay Aluminium Frame
  • Ezylay Mortar System connectors
  • Ezylay Premix Mortar
  • Ezylay Silicone Sealant
  • Ezylay Expansion Foam
  • Galvanised Reinforcing Rods

Download the Ezylay Glass Block Installation Mortar System Guide

EzyLay Premix Mortar
Corner Caps
EzyLay Silicone Sealant
EzyLay Metal Building-in Lugs
Reinforcing Rods
Expansion Foam
Aluminium Frame